Everyone is Unique, Enjoy Your Uniqueness!

Everyone is Unique, Enjoy Your Uniqueness!

The Camel desiring to have horns lost even his ears…

Everyone in us wants to be a leader, wants to lead millions and billions of people, wish to be obeyed, to be respected. But listen— become a leader of yourself first, lead yourself. Control yourself, control your thoughts and behaviours.

In the universe, everyone is unique

Every individual in this world is unique — everyone has their own world, their own definitions of words, and their own mannerisms. So, don’t imitate anyone; you are unique in every way. You have your own uniqueness, so live and enjoy your own uniqueness.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

You have your own uniqueness, so live and enjoy your own uniqueness.

Copy anyone hurts

In life, if you try to copy anyone, it will hurt you, it will give you pain. It will resist your happiness. Therefore, create your own life with your own uniqueness. Don’t get pain in useless. Because this is a very popular quote — “The Camel desiring to have horns lost even his ears”.

The Camel desiring to have horns lost even his ears

Human change over time

I do remember when I was a student of B.Sc at Government College Mianwali. I usually thought to become a teacher, I thought that I would give full time to writing, after school time. I was wholeheartedly wanting this. Now, when I am a teacher, a Principal: I think, No, this was not my dream. My dream has completely changed. It is human nature, they change with time.

Grass on the other side is always greener

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Everyone knows it, on the other side, the grass is always greener. As I got older, I realized that humans are very unsatisfying creatures. And this dissatisfaction is our main concern. Believe me, this unsatisfying behaviour sends us into a hell of pain where we constantly break and burn. Get out of this hell, we can start a new chapter in our beautiful lives, but first, we have to change our mindset.

Everyone wants peace and life

Everyone’s ultimate goal in life is peace and love, but they achieve it in different ways: some rush up the materialistic path and live an artificial life, while others pursue a normal life, which is true life. Therefore, live your own life rather than trying to live the lives of others.

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