Be Careful on Social Media: Essential Tips for Social Media Users

Be Careful on Social Media: Essential Tips for Social Media Users

Every social media user should read these backgrounds.

More than half of the world’s population are digital citizens, and this statistic is growing day by day with the recent technologies (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, 5G, social media, and Internet of Things). If you’re reading this preview, you’re in that statistic too. A short definition is;

A person who has access to devices, has developed skills to effectively use the internet and digital technologies.

Just as we are responsible citizens in everyday life, we must assume our responsibilities as responsible citizens on social networks. Let’s see what these responsibilities are;

Be a responsible digital citizen

Your online activities can help someone and they can also hurt. As digital citizens, you must behave responsibly. Help people as much as you can, but never do anything that hurts. Do your best to have a beautiful virtual image.

Keep your personal life secret

Keep your personal life as secret as you would in everyday life. Don’t share anything on your social media that involves your personal life. Insights that are posted on your account, are seen by millions of people. If something goes private, it goes viral in no time and you have no way to get rid of it.

Learn to filter social media content

Social media is a platform where anyone can post anything. It can be adorable ideas or fake hate stories. As a digital citizen, it is your responsibility to filter these contents so that no misinformation can cause you mental anguish.

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What is written does not have to be true

We used to be preparing to go to a public place. People were mentally prepared for such places. Social networks have become a public space. All you have to do is pick up the smartphone and you step into the crowd. You are surrounded by all kinds of people here. It is not at all necessary that what they say and write be true.

Track your daily routine

Monitor how much time you spend on screen and how much time you spend on social media in your mobile settings. Plan your schedule optimally. It’s a great feature that lets you monitor yourself and spend your time in a positive place.

What you share is your identity

Whatever you do on social media will constitute your identity. It’s a virtual world. People don’t know you personally. Everything you write on social media is your identity. Don’t do anything that brings you hatred and evil.

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Respect others opinion

Present your positive image by respecting the opinions of others. It is not at all necessary that what you think is wrong is really wrong and everyone considers it wrong. Let’s assume that even if it’s wrong, you don’t have to start expressing yourself in a virtual world and earning hate.

Don’t write on social media under stress

Writing on social media is not suitable when you are in trouble, upset or frustrated. Anxiety, frustration or current feelings are temporary. However, posting in these moments can put your life and family in trouble.

Although social media is becoming a need of the day, however, there are massive threats associated with it. Especially new users who are unaware of the dark side of these networks. By following the tips above, you can secure your digital life.

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