Who Hate You, Are Equally Important as the People Who Love You!

Who Hate You, Are Equally Important as the People Who Love You!

Don’t be afraid of strong winds, O Eagle, It moves to make you fly high.

Dr. Allam Muhammad Iqbal

This is the famous verse of Allam Muhammad Iqbal and I wholeheartedly agree with it. Your haters are the real motivations behind your elevation. Headwinds are necessary for those who want to fly higher in the sky. If you have no opposition to your actions, believe me, you will never cross the line of success. Haters think they’re pulling you back, but as a result, a strongman pushes forward. Therefore, the people who hate you are just as important as the people who love you.

Haters are the true drivers of someone’s success.

A great man responds to his critics, values their opinions, and, if necessary, acts on them. We can see how many people are drowning in the river of hatred daily. This emotion has completely ruined their lives. It’s your own life you’re living. You are the only one who can live it. Allowing others to drive you is not a good idea. It’s a true success when people expect you to be angry and sad, but you remain calm and cheerful. With such success, you can hit your detractors. It’s important not to get caught up in these negative hater emotions.

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A great man listens to his critics, responds to them, values their opinions, and, if necessary, acts on them.

In my daily life, I usually categorise people into four different groups.

  1. My relatives and friends (my friends are as important as my family). These are the people who are closely related to you and they can do anything for me or I can do anything for them.
  2. People I know but do not have a relationship with. They could be someone I see frequently or a coworker with whom I have no relationship.
  3. People I dislike. These may be my haters or someone I don’t like. This list hurt. Therefore, I try to keep this list empty. and
  4. The rest of the world (unknown). I don’t know them and have no contact with them. This list does not attach my feelings of love or hate.
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We have the option of liking, disliking, or remaining neutral. Hating someone is harmful not only to you but also to those who are close to you. Instead of adding such people to our hate list, why not add them to our unknown list?

Instead of adding your haters to the hatred list, why not add them to the unknown list?

Never give value, what happens in your surroundings, but it is too important, what happens inside you. Finally, I will conclude by saying that have a love for your hater. Because who you are — you know it, but they believe you are in a much better position.

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