21st Century Skills: A Journey to Achievement

21st Century Skills: A Journey to Achievement

Skills, the individual require today and in the near future.

My mother used to tell me (as a kid) that my relatives could undertake hard physical labour, such as climbing mountains to get firewood or harvesting crops, but that I couldn’t. I was in the village with my mother, and physical labour was seen as a skill and perfection at the time. A person who could reap crops and climb mountains was thought to be superior, and his mother was proud of his son. All of these hard physical skills have been eroded by automation throughout time, and now those with professional skills are in demand and regarded as superior. The world is changing at a breakneck pace, especially since the breakout of the COVID epidemic. Changes that were thought to take years to manifest are happening now.

Only few years ago, people having hard skills were considered superios.

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With Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML) and 5G; COVID has given it a big boost. These technologies also eliminate jobs related to our hard skills. These tasks are now performed automatically by machines powered by AI algorithms. So, the question is, what are the skills for now? The World Economic Forum (WEF) suggests 10 skills for 2025. These skills can be categorized into problem-solving, self-management, working with people, and technology used and developed. These are skills of the future and everyone needs them to walk with the world. It is expected that by 2025, 50% of employees will need to reskill to adapt to technology.

We are very poor in critical and creative thinking

The man has a tragedy that he quickly believes what he hears and does not try to look at it from another angle. It would be more accurate to say that this is the “default mode” for humans. It happens to all of us who are not yet familiar with critical and creative thinking and who have not trained and changed the human “default mode”. A few days ago I saw a sewing machine on social media that was associated with an honourable woman, fourteen hundred years ago. When the message arrived in front of me, I began to think that the sewing machine is probably an invention of this age. When I looked on the internet, this machine was a 19th-century invention. Now people who shared this post didn’t even like to notice it before sharing or commenting on it. They should make sure it’s true or not? There are thousands of such cases which show that we are very poor in critical thinking and sometimes these problems lead to quarrels and bloodshed.

The man has a tragedy that he quickly believes what he hears and does not try to look at it from another angle.

Emotional Intelligence helps in a positive personality

Some people are very skilled, professional and trained in their work but their attitude is negative. They can never control their emotions and get angry at the slightest thing. These people’s emotions and anger take them to a very negative place and engaged them in negative harmful activities. Let’s try to understand what emotional intelligence is;

Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to communicate positively, controlling self or others’ emotions in order to reduce stress, and overcome challenges.

Following my first study of emotional intelligence, my life has changed dramatically. Therefore, I would advise acquiring some basic training, reading, and understanding of it. Everyone understands the need of expressing and control one’s emotions in order to live a peaceful existence. It is just as important to understand the feelings of others, to get the facts and to react to their feelings. To describe this, psychologists use Emotional Intelligence terminology.

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Resilience helps you to bring you to the normal state after stress

When the wind blows, it shakes the branches of the trees. As its speed increases, it shakes up to the trunk and bends the whole tree, and when this air becomes a storm, the tree branches touches the land. As the air stops, the same branches start touching the sky again. This quality of the plant teaches it to withstand storms and prevent it from collapsing. If the plants did not have this flexibility then all the trees would be broken and scattered in storms. This ability of plants is called resilient, elasticity.

It is a quality that brings you back to the state you were in, after a certain psychological or emotional distress.

This ability is very important for life. Unless you know the terminology or have been trained in it, you realize that it can be an offensive or unwelcome practice.

Unfamiliar with the use of technology, illiterate of the age

Today every field is shifting toward technology. Particularly, after the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G, everything has been digitalized. Teachers need this technology to teach in the classes, doctors use this to diagnose their patients, similarly, Engineers need for analysis. Years ago, a person who couldn’t read and write was called as illiterate, however, now the illiterate is who cannot use the technology. Therefore, the people, who are in the upper limit of the age must put their efforts to learn today’s technology, so that they may not be called illiterate of the age.

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Leadership and social influence is a power

Leadership does not imply that you will represent your constituency in parliament. If you’re a teacher, you’re in charge of a class, and you need to know how to lead these kids. Social influence is a result of leadership. Where you reside, social influence is a force. As a result, leadership and social influence abilities can help you avoid obstacles and live a peaceful life full of opportunity.

Leadership and social influence provide new opportunities.

Complex problem-solving abilities assist you in quickly overcoming the problems

In which field you are, you will come across problems. Problem-solving skills are needed everywhere. This does not apply exclusively to research-related organisations. It is needed everywhere, however, the terms changes as per the domain.

Trouble-shooting capabilities allow you to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. This is one of the most important abilities that companies look for in job seekers, as self-starters are more likely to have these skills. Problem-solving abilities require quickly identifying the underlying problem and implementing a solution.

Problem solving capability is one of the most important abilities that companies look for in job seekers.

Active learning and learning strategies

There is no such thing as an age limit for learning. From childhood to death, we learn. According to research, we can improve our learning abilities. People’s learning abilities have vastly enhanced as a result of their efforts.

Studies have shown that active learning leads to increased enthusiasm for both learners and facilitators. In addition, active learning improves learners’ attitudes and their perception of learning. All of these attitudes are necessary to create an active learning environment.

People’s learning abilities have vastly enhanced as a result of their efforts.

Analytical thinkers and innovative minds are always needed

Innovation skills are the ability required to develop new and improved strategies, capabilities, processes, and services. These are the abilities that leaders and their employees must possess in order to contribute to an organization’s innovation success.

Every generation has had a need for a creative mind. Innovative ideas, on the other hand, must be nurtured in educational institutions. Innovative brains are produced by educational institutions that provide analytical and creative courses. If this does not happen, clerks will be produced, which the world does not require.

Innovative brains are produced by educational institutions that provide analytical and creative courses.

To conclude, a person who does not have these skills is considered illiterate, as was considered a long time ago for a person who could neither read nor write. No matter what organization you serve, you need to learn these skills, especially technology-related skills. This will open new paths, not only in employment or business but also in society.

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