Nothing is more important in a parent’s life than their children. Like a candle, they devote their lives to their children. I believe that if parents raise their children well, their future generations will have a better and more peaceful life than those families who do not know how to raise children. I have closely observed and studied the relationship between parents, teachers, and children, and I regret finding it too weak. The weakness of this relationship is having a detrimental effect on the child and society. Children who do not receive quality time from their parents during childhood have significantly lower Intelligence Quotients (IQ) and Emotional Quotients (EQ) than other children. Those who have parental isolation and whose parents are not properly involved in their upbringing, in particular, become mentally and emotionally weak. Teachers play an important role in preparing children for society, just as parents do. Where there is a breakdown in communication between parents and children, the gap between teachers and parents grows even wider. The quality education of a child is possible only when there is a strong bond between the children, parents, and teachers. This book draws on my fourteen years of experience as a school principal and communicating with parents, as well as the experiences of hundreds of other parents. This also covers the important activities for parents to practice at home so that they can rethink and modernize their parenting skills.

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