Don’t Let Poverty Get in the Way of Raising a Happy Child

Don’t Let Poverty Get in the Way of Raising a Happy Child

Unfortunately, poverty can often stand in the way of providing a child with the resources and opportunities needed for a healthy and fulfilling life.

At some distance from the road, in the wilderness where there were no houses far away, there was a small cottage on the side of the way. Half had collapsed and half of the roof was still hanging on two walls. I entered the cottage from the back (the part which had fallen). In the part where the roof still remained, there was a box and a bucket in which some clothes were kept for washing. In the courtyard, there was a small tree and a small hut (Chapar) to protect from the scorching sun, and two or three small beds were lying in it.

There were two or three goats tied in the hut and an old woman was sitting under a tree with her head bowed deep in thought. I met the mother and asked her about the family members. She stated that her husband had passed away. The married eldest son lives outside and sends them nothing. She continued by saying that she has a younger son who goes to school.

Photo by Ricardo Díaz on Unsplash

My heart was breaking; what kind of life was a mother living in? This is a visit I will never forget. I was on flood duty and had to do the survey online, which was already completed. This was also one of those times when my life was turned.

In the class, I often ask the students about their siblings so that if a child, especially a girl, is not enrolled in the school, she can be. One such day, I was in the classroom and taking information from the children. While interviewing a child, I felt that he might be the son of the same mother. Yes! He was. The mother had no support, whose entire existence was a dilapidated hut, a box, some clothes and two goats. Even in this condition, she was teaching and supporting her son.

Sending children to school is a significant sacrifice in some situations. Such parents live in the hope that their children will support them. Many of these mothers have made contact with the school whose students were their sole source of support in their old age. In such situations, it is important to tell your children about your situation. Convince them that you love them very much and that they are your support. These conditions and parental encouragement will enable them to turn their pain into success.

Only a 20 PKR fee is charged in our government institutions. Even so, parents come to me asking to waive the fee. How can parents who cannot afford the monthly fee of Rs 20 pay attention to their children? It is imperative for such parents to maintain a strong bond with their children. Make them feel good about their situation, make them believe in their situation, and give them dreams so that they can work hard and get success instead of their pain.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Positive parenting requires making children feel good, making memories with them, loving them unconditionally, building strong relationships with them, and never hiding behind poverty. These are all essential components of being a good parent and role model for children. With these tips, you can ensure that your child grows up to be happy and successful.

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