How are the Underdeveloped Countries Employees Paid?

How are the Underdeveloped Countries Employees Paid?

Employee salaries at my institution range from 5,000 PKR to 120000 PKR. The ones who are paid minimum show higher performance.

I don’t know how employees are compensated in developed nations, however, in Indopak, they receive a monthly salary. They still get paid even if what they do is bad for society.

In my public institution, there are about 21 teachers who receive monthly salaries from the government account ranging from 5,000 PKR to 120000 PKR. The school council temporarily hires the teachers, who receive $5,000 per month. Even on Sundays, they are not granted a day off. However, their performance is the best of all the teachers.

We cannot at all conclude that the teachers’ performance is not good. Teacher performance is much better than in the other departments. Take a look at this and consider what will happen in other ministries. Many large departments are known to accept wages for employment and bribes for work.

Why are salaries so high if they don’t affect workers’ performance? Why aren’t wages associated with progress? in order to better progress and protect the nation’s wealth. Believe me, each department will function effectively if the precise parameters of progression in the institutions are clarified and the salaries are distributed as these parameters advance at the end of the month.

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