Challenges & Solutions of Online Sessions:​ The​ Organizer’s Perspective​

Challenges & Solutions of Online Sessions:​ The​ Organizer’s Perspective​

I dealt with the difficulties of the online sessions using these strategies. I firmly believe that these suggestions can help you host successful online events: Solutions of Online Sessions

I have been conducting online training sessions since the advent of COVID-19, and I have faced numerous difficulties. The thorough online training courses helped me formulate answers for these challenges, which I then applied during my future training. To help teachers, trainers, presenters, and moderators successfully plan their events, I made the decision to share my experiences (Solutions of Online Sessions) with them.

Challenges with online sessions

The following are the most common challenges with the online sessions, which I feel that every moderator came across with it.

Challenges with online sessions [created by author]

Technical issues

You may have a number of technological difficulties if you are taking your first online course or session and have never participated in online instruction or training. It’s possible that your microphone and speaker won’t function, or that the app won’t be able to share the presentation, etc. As a result, you must resolve all technical problems relating to the internet, your device, etc.

Technical issues with online sessions [created by author]


You will undoubtedly become distracted while conducting online sessions if someone speaks to you, you receive a call, or you hear the noise outside the room. It would be challenging to maintain continuity once you become sidetracked throughout the online session. The information will be dispersed throughout the mind, and it will be impossible to interest the audience if the mind is disorganised.

Distractions in online sessions [created by author]

Unexpected activities of the participants

The participants act strangely throughout the session. For instance, occasionally their microphones accidentally open and disrupt the entire session. In a similar manner, someone might enrol in your class, and you wouldn’t want to be in that class.

Unexpected activities of the participants [created by author]

Un-engagement of the participants

You don’t communicate with the participants in-person as a virtual teacher or trainer. You are unable to interpret their facial expressions or body language. Therefore, it’s probable that while you’re delivering online, the audience won’t pay attention or won’t actually be there with their devices.

Un-engagement of the participants [created by author]

Time management

Time management is crucial in all sessions, whether they take place online, in a classroom, or in a conference room. However, because online sessions can be more challenging, you must use a strategy for each minute of your online sessions and guide your audience in accordance with it.

Time management [created by author]

These were the main difficulties I encountered during my training sessions, and as a result, in the subsequent session, I had a solution. The following are some crucial recommendations that I believe are crucial for all instructors and trainers interested in online teaching and training.

How did I overcome these challenges?

The following practices may be used to overcome these challenges.

How did I overcome these challenges? [created by author]

Always join the session from two devices

The audience in the online sessions occasionally inquires about the audio quality or any other technological problems. Because it’s also possible that the device lacks network connectivity, I always join the session using two devices: my laptop and my Android phone. On the second device, I turn off the microphone and reduce the volume so that I can only hear the voice when I speak. As a result, when participants inquire about the voice quality, I respond that I am also checking the video quality on the second device. This trick saves the session time.

Always join the session from two devices [created by author]

Select a separate studio / quiet space

A clear background is required for the online sessions. Even if you deliver it perfectly, background noise will make it difficult for the audience to listen and comprehend. Therefore, you must choose a quiet space if you are a teacher, trainer, or speaker who typically conducts sessions online.

Select a separate studio / quiet space [created by author]

Rehearse the session before starting

Before beginning the session, you must rehearse it. I would disagree with you if you believe that you are experienced and do not need to practise. The problem is that even though you are an expert, your system might experience some problems. As a result, you must immediately practise the session before it begins. You’ll have confidence in both your system and yourself as you deliver the session.

Rehearse the session before starting [created by author]

Clearly divide the roles of the presenters and audience

I can still clearly remember the first time I scheduled a meeting session with around 200 attendees. I was unaware that the presenter and other stack holders were to be distributed. As a result, during the presentation, the audience members automatically entered the lobby, and I was unable to greet each one of them individually. This was a terrible experience because the presenters couldn’t share the screen. Consequently, you must establish an appropriate setting before beginning a meeting or when organising.

Clearly divide the roles of the presenters and audience [created by author]

Always use virtual interactive activities with the audience

Participants in the training session or class are certain to remain inactive because they are aware that you are not watching them. Use interactive techniques to keep the audience interested. You may ask them to raise their hands, those who aren’t raising their hands shows that they are not taking part. To keep participants interested, use online tests, assignments, discussions etc.

Always use virtual interactive activities with the audience [created by author]

Time management

Time management is crucial anywhere, but it is extremely critical during an online session. You must schedule the timing in advance in accordance with your material and present the session in accordance with that schedule.

Time management [created by author]

Add your emotions, body language and gestures to your tone

You are aware that our words only account for 7% of communication; 38% of communication comes from tone, and 55% of communication comes from body language. How will you be able to communicate adequately if the audience can’t see your body language and facial expressions at times? The only option is to work as an RJ. Have you ever listened to a radio personality who infused their tone with emotion, body language, and expression?

Add your emotions, body language and gestures to your tone [created by author]

By applying the aforementioned tips and approaches, I was able to solve the online session’s challenges. I strongly, believe, that after following these tips, you can organize successful online events.

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