When I Decided to Become an Animal: Towards Normal Life

When I Decided to Become an Animal: Towards Normal Life

When I came back to a ‘normal’ life, people started calling me ‘abnormal’

Jun Jundai is a resident of Thailand. His TEDx lecture caught my attention. I heard a few phrases he uttered, the Thai-English sentences were so catchy that I couldn’t stop myself to listen to him.

Life, according to John Jundai, is simple, but humans have made it difficult. They’ve made things so difficult for themselves that they don’t have time to sit with their families.

He adds, “When I went to University, I didn’t like it. When I visited the agriculture department, I felt like they were producing poison there, and when I visited the engineering department, I got the impression that these people are only interested in erasing the beauty of the earth and replacing it with concrete. I wondered if I had studied here for seven years, would I be able to get a job or not?”

Photo by zhang kaiyv from Pexels

He calculates that they are six brothers and sisters at home and they have a small piece of land, if they work hard they can live a good and happy life with all the members of his family.

June left Jundai University and returned home. He worked two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening on his land and began to lead a simple life. He says his friend built a house and when he asked him how much did it cost? His friend replied that for the next 30 years he had to pay for this house.

Jundai says “I’m amazed to see people who spend half of their life building a house and the other half of their life living under the stress of paying for a house. An animal only takes a few days to build its house and man spends half of his life.” He further says, “I made my room in a few days from fences and trees then I made a second and a third and in a year I made several rooms.”.

lake and mountain under white sky
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

John Jundai says the basic human needs are food, clothing and shelter. A civilized society is one in which a poor person can get these things easily and cheaply. He further says “When I came back to a ‘normal’ life, people started calling me ‘abnormal’, but I never thought about what people were thinking or saying. I had a life of peace”.

Quoting this talk here doesn’t mean that I’m focusing on the factor to leave the university education. I’m focusing on the simplicity of life and how harder we make it. By managing and compromising the minor

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