Microsoft, Google, and ChatGPT: The Race of AI

Microsoft, Google, and ChatGPT: The Race of AI

All three (Microsoft, Google, and ChatGPT) are continuously pushing the boundaries of AI technology and making groundbreaking advances, bringing us closer to the future of AI-driven applications and services…

When the desktop was the need of the world, Microsoft was the leading provider of desktop services worldwide. The company’s main products, which were used all over the world, were operating systems and related applications. Microsoft was the richest and largest company at the time due to its massive needs and demands. Bill Gates, the company’s CEO, was the world’s richest person.

At the time, I believed that Microsoft is responsive to every need and is working on every project required by the world. Their developers, researchers, and engineers are putting in long hours. So, who will challenge this dignity, who will propose a new idea, or who will work on Microsoft’s limitations or black holes?

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Google began working on the new need for the word when the smartphone was introduced. They began working on Android and began offering Android applications. The world shifted from desktop to Android, and as a result of this shift, all new Android applications began to be used.

As a result, Google became the world’s largest company. They were addressing all aspects of the world’s needs. Their engineers, developers, and researchers were covering all bases. So, at the time, I was thinking that Google was the richest and most skilled company and that it would be extremely difficult for any company, organisation, or individual to challenge them.

Then OpenAI entered the picture. They introduced ChatGPT. When the ChatGPT first became available, it quickly gained millions of users, and within a month, it was being used all over the world. Leading corporations are now signing agreements with OpenAI. They use OpenAI for their services. OpenAI filled a gap that Google was unable to fill. I’m not sure how their Engineers, Researchers, and Developers missed this point, but it has now been filled by OpenAI. As a result, Google’s radiance is dwindling.

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