Unknown Fear — Fear Is Fear Until You Meet It

Unknown Fear — Fear Is Fear Until You Meet It

Everyone is surrounded by a red circle, and crossing it means confronting him with an unknown fear

I have grown up far beyond the age of phones and mobiles. It was the era of letters when the news of the arrival of the son at the destination reached the mother after months. The postal services took months to deliver the letters to their destination. After getting the son’s letter, mum would look for the literate person with this letter tied to her scarf to find out what his son had written.

I mostly read and respond to my family’s postal communications. I went to my uncle’s house one evening to read my cousin’s letter and respond. The dog attacked me as soon as I arrived at my uncle’s home. He pushed his teeth to my wrist in such a way — that someone was pulling him, someone was opening his jaw but the dog was not leaving me. The dog’s mouth was eventually opened with a rode, and my hand was freed.

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The entire wrist was in the dog’s mouth, as were all of the teeth in my wrist. So, the hand was severely bleeding. The dog bit me so hard that the marks are still visible on my wrist, but the fear of the dog in my heart vanished after that. Right now, I’m not afraid of dogs. I’ve never been bitten by a snake, and I’ve heard they’re not as annoying as dogs when it comes to biting. But I am cautious of it and do not trust it. I’m aware that dogs bite for no apparent reason, and that if he finds that this person is afraid of him, he will undoubtedly bite. The dog may bite me now, but I have no fear in my heart. I don’t change my path due to the dog.

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There is a psychological weakness of man in it. Man is afraid of many unknown things. If he goes through these situations, he thinks that no, my fear was probably too much. I could have reduced or eliminated this fear or danger. This fear is actually a veil between certain situations. The same veil exists among individuals. I’m not pointing out the fear, I’m talking about respect between individuals. However, sometimes they lose this respect, which loses the veil and the relationship of respect fades always.

Everyone has limits in their life. Connected people know exactly how close I can get. What can I discuss and what are the points that my friend does not like to discuss. Everyone should know the red lines of everyone related to them. Because, after crossing this red line, you can no longer go to the same place as before. Therefore, be cautious in your relationship and be in a normal position to enjoy life, because fear is fear until someone meets it.

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